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I write about anything I need to in order to make sense of the world - health, happiness and tranquility.


A whole lot opened up for me once I realized that you should only worry about making yourself happy no matter fucking what.

want to wear makeup? DO IT. YOU LOOK HOT

want to dread your hair? DO IT.

want to eat a whole fucking pizza to yourself? DO IT. YOU COULD DIE TONIGHT.

want to go buy…

(Source: dayzea, via its-simply-karma)

I was thinking today - Life is about finding beauty in the cracks, when they start to sprawl across your windscreen and it’s getting hard to see through. When you feel like you’ve lost that spark that made you who you thought you were, you’ve got to find some sticks somewhere in the debris and light a little fire. I need some danger, I need some compassion, I need some change.

When did I become so bitter? 

When did I start to find it hard to love everybody? 

I wonder whether I’m awake, or asleep to reality. 

I’m finding it harder and harder to accept the society we are a part of, and how it has influenced me. A part of me is wanting to wreck havoc, aching to scream and shout and rock the boat. 

I yearn for the peace of mind I once felt and the compassion for the general people I have built myself upon. I know it’s still a part of me, I just need to take a step back and rebuild. Brick by heavy brick.